It's Time For Roger Goodell To Tender His Resignation

It's Time For Roger Goodell To Tender His Resignation

When the moment becomes the most advantageous for Commissioner Roger Goodell, he finally admits HE was wrong about the kneeling protest. When you think about it, none of Goodell’s action came as a result of leadership, he and the league has been driven by intense media scrutiny, after the fact.

After the enormous calamity of players losing millions of dollars and reputations tarnished by millions of people around the country, now you decide to admit you were wrong?

This apology comes after receiving criticism from players around the league for issuing a half-hearted statement on the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

He put his finger to the wind and made calculated decisions regarding the peaceful protests of Colin Kaepernick in 2017 and refused to boldly defend NFL players when President Donald Trump referred to the protesters as “sons of bitches.”

The National Football League owners should examine Goodell’s actions and request his resignation immediately.

There’s a leadership vacuum. It was evident when Goodell’s wife created a fictitious Twitter account to defend her husband against media criticism on his leadership on handling player domestic issues to dealing with the intended media scrutiny regarding player protests.

Now is the time to seek new leadership and perhaps a person of color to be decisive in dealing with the challenges of today’s NFL. It is clear that Roger Goodell has lost the confidence of the players across the league.


Vern Nicholson is the author of The Asterisk, A Fan’s Grievance On Cheating, And Rule Manipulation In The NFL.