Jack Lambert Was Angry At The NFL's Rule Changes

Jack Lambert Was Angry At The NFL's Rule Changes

Excerpt From The Asterisk, A Fans Grievance Against Cheating And Rule Manipulation In The NFL:

Unlike Brady, Terry Bradshaw took great pains to argue against the 1979 rule revisions to protect quarterbacks.3 After an official ruled him sacked after making a completed throw, Bradshaw had choice words after the game: “It is a stinking rule; it is just killing us (quarterbacks). We can’t be athletes anymore. We’re sissies.” All-time great Steelers linebacker, Jack Lambert made a statement to show his frustration with the rule changes when he said, “It might be a good idea to put dresses on all of them.”

Sadly, the net effect of decades of rules diminishing the athletic gifts of quarterbacks like Bradshaw has signaled to some defenders that they should think twice about putting a clean hit on Brady. The risk of facing fines later looms large. As a consequence, Brady’s lack of athleticism has been accepted as the norm by many contemporary fans who view the game today.

Lambert’s point is correct, speaking from the sky, that Brady’s play is buttressed with Lambert’s prophetic dress[ing] of protection. Unlike the great Terry Bradshaw, Brady has complained that the refs were not protecting his limited athletic skills enough on the field of play. This is clearly not the caliber of a GOAT. True greatness should dare competitors, not whine when the sport is too rough on you.


The Asterisk - A Fan's Grievance On Cheating And Rule Manipulation In The NFL

Available August 20th 2018